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Davet Designs Facts and Questions

Can the colors on the designs be changed?

Yes! Since all the artwork is vector art created by Davet Designs, all designs can be made to whatever color you'd like!

Do you have a color chart to choose from?

No. Since I am using a computer program and 4 color printing, I can do any color (except metallic colors). Just let me know the color you want by describing the color in words, send me the CYMK or RGB breakdown, or PMS color number. If you see a color you like on one of my designs, just let me know. For example, if you or ordering 'Wedding Bottle WW-001', but you like the pink from 'Wedding Bottle WW-022', just let me know that when ordering. Note: RGB colors are computer colors and will appear very bright on your screen and are different from CYMK printed colors. RGB colors convert to CMYK when printed.

Can you recommend a sticker size?

Unfortunately I cannot recommend sizes for ANY project. I suggest you cut out a piece of paper the size you think you might want and tape it to the item it will go on. Then measure the paper to see what size it should be.

I'd like to see what the sticker would look like before I order, can you send me a proof?

Sorry, but I ONLY send proofs AFTER the order is placed. I then go back and forth until you approve the designs you like.

Are the stickers waterproof?

Yes! The stickers are not paper, but a vinyl material that is completely waterproof. You can put your bottles, jars, etc, in ice, water, etc. and they will NOT run or bleed!!!

I like parts of one designs, but some parts of another, can I mix and match to build my own design?

Yes! You can mix and match parts of designs to create your own. Just let me know what part you like off of what design (identified by design number)

I see the design I like, but how do I customize it online?

Since the design are fully customized (colors, fonts, wording, moving things around, etc), there is no ability for online designing. Once you place your order, I will send you a proof of the design made with your specs.

Do you have a font chart to choose from?

No, I do not. Since I have thousands of fonts on my computer, it is not possible to make a list. You can either let me know the name of a font and I will check to see if I have it or you can email me the font. If you see a font you like from one of my other designs, just let me know the design number.

I see you offer certain sizes on your chart, but I need a size that is slightly smaller than a certain size.

No problem! I can do ANY size you need (up to 52 inches). Just let me know the EXACT size you need and I will make your sticker that size. I can also do any shape as well.

Does your waterbottle labels fit a standard 16 oz water bottle?

Most likely, but because there are hundreds of different brands of water, I cannot say it they will fit YOUR water bottles. I always suggest you cut a piece of paper the size you are going to order and see it it fits your project. If not, then I can make whatever size you'd like.

You policy states the it takes so many business days to ship, but my wedding is next week? Will they arrive on time?

Please contact me BEFORE you order to see if rush service is available at that time. Rush fees may apply.

My colors are VERY critical.. how can I assure they will print the way I want?

My colors print very accurately to specific cymk breakdown or PMS colors. If you don't have a PMS color book, then you cannot tell from your computer monitor, since all monitors are different and are shown in RGB colors. You can purchase a minium of one sheet to check your colors if you'd like.

I'm having a hard time visualizing a 2 inch sticker, do you have a picture to show the scale?

Measure with a ruler or measuring tape to see the sizing of the sticker you want to order. Pictures of stickers will NOT show the actual size, since pictures are not to scale.

What file types do you accept? What is the bleed requirements?

PDF made from an Illustrator file with fonts changed to outlines and no transparencies; Illustrator file with fonts changed to outlines and no transparencies; .eps or .jpg with a minimum of 300 dpi at full size. Bleeds should be exactly .05 inch on each side.

Will I see a proof of what will print before you print it?

As listed in the instructions, you will receive a proof within 2 business days of your payment.

I received my order, but it was not the qty. that I ordered, what do I do?

Per my policies page, please contact within 3 business days of receiving your order.

Can I have multiple designs per order?

Only one design per order. If you'd like more than one design, there will be a $6 fee per extra design.